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What Is Fellowship With The Holy Spirit?

Updated: Jul 15

Okay, so this is going to be a very short post. But read my previous post if you haven't for you to get context to understand this one.

So after Terry preached on Galatians and on us being Sons and Heirs, I wanted to ask him what does it mean to fellowship with the spirit? He was talking a lot about grace vs law and how we should not be under the law but under grace and we need to enjoy grace by enjoying fellowship with the spirit.

So, I went up to Terry and asked him "What is fellowship with the holy spirit, what does it mean to you?

He responded saying around 7 things, I'm not going to unpack each of them, or I may, depending on my understanding of what he said. Hope you find it helpful!

Spending Time In His Presense

We need to spend time in his presence, to fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

I remember my mornings, even now at times when I get up and put on some worship music and spend time with him. Just glancing over the lyrics of the songs I listen to - meditating on it. Enjoying the truth about him.

For me personally, I enjoy first just enjoying worship songs and I've seen many a time the fruit of the spirit (the feeling of love, joy, peace) engulf my thoughts. Then I like to read a devotion - generally John Piper's Solid Joy application, or a passage of scripture.

Enjoying Fellowship With Him

I think there's a difference in spending time and enjoying fellowship with him.

Enjoying to be in his presence, to sit with him. To behold him in your heart and mind. To be saturated under the truth in his word.

Acknowledging That He Is A Person

He (Terry) mentioned that when you come to spend time with him - actually acknowledge by saying "I know that you are a person, Holy Sprit".

Funny enough If you read one of my first posts on Prayer, you will see that I mention Benny Hinn's book on the Holy Spirit (as much as I may not be a fan of him), his take was getting up each morning saying "Good morning, holy spirit", and I feel that is important and that is what Terry was saying as well - Acknowledge each day that the Holy Spirit is a person and not some far off 'thing', but the Holy Spirit is God!

Let that sink in!


Loving Jesus - loving the person of Jesus. Allowing the spirit of God to transfix your eyes on who Jesus is each moment of every day and whenever you spend time with God. It should always lead you to a devotion to and for Jesus

My Spirit Is To Welcome And Fellowship With Him

Understanding that each morning/time you spend with God is significant for your spirit. Remind yourself that your spirit is to welcome and fellowship with him

Listen To His Voice

As you spend time with him, listen to his voice. Again in my previous posts I mention on how I felt led by the spirit to pray and intercede for different people.

At times when I'm in his presence, I feel certain songs and lyrics I brought back to my mind and I sing those back to God! Listen to his voice and enjoy him.

To Feel His Energy

To be honest, I wish I asked him what he meant by this but I have no idea.

The best I could do was look in scripture and see what this could possible mean. In Psalms 138:3 it says "On the day I called, you answered me; my strength of soul you increased."

My favourite version is always the ESV version or NASB. My strength of soul you increased, if you look at other versions for example NIV states 'you emboldened me', which means one who fortifies, the NET version states 'energised'. There are other examples in 1 Kings 18:46, 2 Kings 2:15, 2 Kings 3:15, 2 Chron 24:20, Gal 5:6, 1 Thess 1:3 which you may want to study into

But, I have seen many a time personally where I've felt downcast and struggling mentally, but when I look to God - I've seen him come and strengthen me in my heart and mind - whether that is what it means to feel his energy, your guess is as good as mine.

Speaking In Tongues

When he said this, he seemed most passionate and seemed to highlight this above all the others he said, which is why I have highlighted it bigger than the others too.

If you are one who doesn't agree with speaking in tongues then I would love to speak privately. One thing I will say is it is a gift of the spirit and not everyone is going to have this gift and if you don't have it, you can earnestly desire by praying for it like Paul says, and if you have it then it is one way of enjoying fellowship with the spirit by singing and praising in tongues.

On talking to someone else that Terry used to travel with - another older man his age. He mentioned how Terry opened his eyes to fellowshipping with the spirit. He said Terry knew how to bring the spirit of God down. Early mornings when they were on mission trips they would get together and Terry would burst out into praises, making melody, singing songs and praying out in tongues - "Oh how beautiful it was to be in the same room as him and worship God together"

I hope you found this article helpful, as I always do I try recommending a book or two at the end of each post -

If you want to read a book on fellowshipping with the spirit I would say read Good Morning, Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn (I am not a fan of him nor of what he does, but this book did help me in understanding that the Holy Spirit is a person, please read his book with care and remember you do not have to agree with all he says)

Another book that you may find helpful in growing in a devotion with the Holy Spirit is R.T Kendall's 40 days with the Holy Spirit, it is a series of 40 day devotions that assist you in knowing the Holy Spirit personally!

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