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Splendor Board Game Price India

I've been a board gamer for a little over 4 years and in all my baby experience, Splendor tops the list for easy, family and engaging gameplay.

Let me start with the pros

  1. It's easy: If you are someone starting out or someone who wants easy gameplay, this fits the bill

  2. Quick gameplay: Unlike other boardgames which require intense strategy, each individual in this game takes quick decisions which allows gameplay to progress quickly

  3. Fun & engaging: I am a stern believer in boardgames building community. This is an easy-going casual game that allows you to have the friendly/family banter whilst playing

  4. Playing time only 20 mins


  1. If you are an intense board gamer this is probably not for you. However, if you are an intense board gamer who is struggling to introduce friends to boardgames then look no further

  2. I don't see any reason why not to have this game

Coming to the title "Splendor Board Game Price India" > When it comes to buying this board game. An original will cost you Rs. 4,000, however, you can also buy the fake for Rs 500. WhatsApp me and I can dispatch it to you with shipping at an additional cost. Alternatively, you can rent it from me for as little as Rs100 for a day's game! Holler me your name and address and will dispatch it to you right away.

If you want to watch a tutorial - watch this 3-minute tutorial of the game by the Rule girl. She's quite cool.

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