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Stephan Pereira

I’ve spent 7 years of my career growing infrequent products that have impacted millions of users. Currently Growth Head at Scaler. Previously at upGrad. Join me on my journey!

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Grow your business with webinars! As a consultant, I help companies build a distribution & revenue line using webinars. Visit this page for more information on how I can help you, or to explore material on how to get started

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I have 6 years of experience driving growth through CRM for infrequent products, impacting millions of users. Visit my blog for insights on omnichannel marketing, including email, design, consumer psychology, and more.

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Explore biblical topics with my blog! From thought-provoking book reviews to engaging papers on the kingdom of God and the church, I cover all things that pique my interest. Join me on a journey of discovery!

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